Branson's Promised Land Zoo - Buy Tickets

Dates Playing: 1/31/2016 - 3/1/2019

Venue: Branson’s Promised Land Zoo

Sorry you cannot order tickets for this event at this time.

Save $1 on every ticket by booking your Basic Admission to Branson's Promised Land Zoo includes the Two Mile Drive Thru, Foot Safari, Live Animal Shows and Parakeet Paradise with complimentary stick to feed the birds!

Save $2 on every ticket by booking your Branson's VIP Admission offers everything in basic admission, a guided Tram Tour and a special VIP Small Animal Encounter!  Lots of hands-on opportunities and our MOST POPULAR CHOICE.

Let There Be Lights 2018 season to begin November 1st - December 31st.  5-11pm.  Separate admission from daytime zoo admission.

The Ultimate Excursion tour can be scheduled ahead of time for ANY DAY by booking at


 Eagle Rock's Drive Thru General Admission offers the scenic drive thru, petting zoo, bottle feeding babies and parakeet paradise!  

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